New England Patriots have themselves to blame for missing jersey

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Much has been written about the missing Tom Brady jersey, but most all stories thus far have been lacking in one thing – accountability.  It has now come out that this apparently wasn’t the first time the star QB’s jersey went missing after a dramatic Super Bowl victory. I was aghast to learn that this apparently happened two years ago in Super Bowl XLIX after the game. 


Brett Favre has come forward as victim of jersey theft after Green Bay won Super Bowl XXXI in 1997 against…drumroll… the New England Patriots.  Not to say that there’s a connection here, but it is an odd coincidence that the Patriots have been in every game where a QB’s Super Bowl jersey went missing after the game.


After deflate gate and now 2 Super Bowls in 3 years, the equipment manager for the Pats needs to be held accountable; no check that – the Patriots organization needs to held to account.  For being run by such competent leaders and proven winners, I don’t understand how this happens…twice!? Why wasn’t a process put in place by the team to protect the MVP’s historic jersey after the first incident in 2015?


Now we hear of the government getting involved and assigning resources to track down the culprit(s).  How many thousands will be needlessly spent on the slim chance this could be found?  I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that the dollars spent will exceed the jersey’s estimated value of $500,000.  What a shame that it could have all been avoided had the Patriots provided proper security in their locker room.


While everyone is focused on the timeline of events and potential suspects, I don’t hear much criticism about the Patriots incompetence to keep the most important game worn item safe.  It’s a shame that this historic jersey will never be on display, in Canton, or anywhere else.

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